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Yodo River into Kizu River

Destinations: Yodo River and Kizu River
Distance traveled: 105 km

And then it was time for my first “road trip”.

Had planned to follow the Yodo River upstream about a week earlier, but a fever put it on a short hold. The intentions of this trip was first to test the iron horse and second to get a sense of, in practice, how long 100 km on the saddle would actually feel.

From my apartment in Osaka it’s about 4 boring km through the city till you reach Yodo River. However, Yodo River is beautiful and I always get filled with a kind of happiness whenever arriving at it. Today the weather was also good, and there was a lot of activity along the river – fishing ojisans (grandpas), kite flying fathers and sons, a couple playing badminton, and many bicyclists.

I enjoyed it all as I headed upstream. When I came outside the city there was only me and some sport bicyclists on the road. After about two hours and 40 km I sat down to eat my lunch – home chopped salad with rice and dressing :) At this rest area we were about five bicyclists, everyone with no other intention than just enjoying the day from the saddle.

Now I was actually following the Kizu River, one of the three rivers that merge to form the Yodo River. Today I had planned to continue alongside Kizu River,  I guess you can say the southern one, before  turning back on the opposite side. The sky had turned a little gray and it was a bit windy, making my way back home a bit slow. Overall my first bicycle adventure turned into a great day with friendly encounters and an urge to plan my next trip.


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