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Trekking at Mt. Atago

Destinations: Katsura River, Kyoto, Mt. Atago
Distance traveled: 110 km

Last night I prepared some lunch boxes, went to bed early, and woke up at 4.15 AM. The reason for going up this early is that it’s getting dark really early as well, and I knew today’s trip would take about 14 hours. Because the sun rise around 6.30 I was well under way when morning arrived. It was a good feeling.

As aaalways, I followed Yodo River to where it merges with Katsura River and Kizu River, and this time around I continued along Katsura River till I reached Mt. Atago in Kyoto. It was quite cloudy and a bit cold, but as soon as I reached the mountain and began to climb I had to take of both my jacket and my gloves :) I had my first lunch after about 30 minutes of climbing, and when I was ready to go again a lady who had just had her break also started to walk and so we had company all the way to the top, talking and talking about this and that for about two hours. It was very nice. There were some different routs to take around the mountain and I followed the one I had read about earlier and thus went pass a very nice water fall and some temples. I also so some wild monkeys and a lot of snow :D

On my way home I took another road through Kyoto-city and happened to run into a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the temple Tenryu-ji. However, since I had about 4 hours back to Osaka I didn’t stay very long.



  Meg wrote @

今回は山も登ったの ?

  tobitabi wrote @

うん^^ 愛宕山(あたごやま)という山を登った☆
次をどこに行くかなぁ?? まだ決めてない。

  Meg wrote @


  tobitabi wrote @


  Håkan Milton wrote @

Hej Tobias!
Det var intressant att få läsa om dina fantastiska cykelturer. Och se på bilder från Japan.
Hälsningar Håkan & Ann-Marie.

  tobitabi wrote @

Vad roligt att höra från er! Det är härligt att få komma ifrån stan lite då och då, och snart kommer ju våren också. Då blir det lite grönare och säkert ännu roligare att ge sig ut.

  Charlotte o Sten-Inge wrote @

Hej Tobbe
När vi hörde om jordbävningen tänkte vi på dig och undrar hur du har det , Osaka ligger kanske inte i närheten av jordbävningen. Här hemma är det några plussgrade och lungt väder.
Charlotte o Sten-Inge

  Tobias wrote @

Här mår vi bra. Osaka ligger ganska långt ifrån jordbävningen men ändå gungade det mycket, och länge. Just nu har vi runt 10-12 grader och det känns som att våren är på gång.

Ha det gott

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