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Nara in spring

Destinations: Nara, Kizu River, Yodo River
Distance traveled: 90 km

Finally, spring has arrived and cherry trees are blooming all over Japan. It’s very beautiful and so I just had to go somewhere. I’ve had some bad luck with the weather lately, so it’s been about two months since my last bicycle adventure. This time I went to Nara, famous for all the deers strolling around just about everywhere, hoping to get something to eat from the tourists. There is also this area of temples called Todai and one of these temples houses an enormous statue of Buddha.

From Osaka, Nara lies beyond the Ikoma mountains in the east and to get there by bicycle I traveled through cities, mountains, on the high way, even carried my bike up some stairs. I spent about five or six hours in Nara, walking in the mountains, petting the deers, taking a lot of pictures, all the things you have to do when visiting Nara. On my way home I headed north till I reached Kizu River (this took a very long time since I got totally lost), but then following the river back to Osaka. I don’t mind getting lost because the locals can always give you the right direction again, however, when you know that it’s soon going to be dark before you reach home you rather not get too lost. That’s why I’m aiming at buying a GPS for the bicycle, maybe I’ll have it till my next trip!? :)


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