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Mountains of Wakayama

Destinations: Wakayama, Kudoyama, Kouya
Distance traveled: 110 km

Wakayama is the prefecture south of Osaka, known for its mountains and beaches. Again, I left my house in the early morning and returned many hours after sunset, and since I often have my days of spread out over the week I had to make it home the same day. For my next trip I would really like to make it a two-day excursion so that there’s more time to enjoy the surroundings.
When traveling north or east you do leave Osaka behind fairly soon, but going south Osaka seems to never end! As you get further and further away, buildings around you shrink more and more, giant skyscrapers become small houses, but I didn’t reach anything like ‘the countryside’ for at least two hours on the bicycle. Also, this time I had my GPS and was happy to try it out. It worked like a charm :D I would never had been able to reach my destination without it since I, literally and a bit sadly, didn’t have any time to get lost or leave my planned rout.
After reaching this place called Kudoyama I parked my bicycle and continued by foot up the mountains. I climed for about four hours and had the most amazing views. A couple of times I even felt like I was walking through some Swedish forest.


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